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I Can Make Your Child’s Transition To Adulthood Easier

For a child with special needs, the transition to adulthood can be a complicated experience. To ensure that your child becomes the most independent adult possible, critical steps must be taken during their adolescent years. Being aware of your child’s legal rights through the transition process is invaluable.

As with many facets of special education, your child’s transition services are more about knowing which specific services and supports will help your child be better prepared for the next phase of education and adult life. At The Law Offices Of Gerry McMahon, LLC, I have a unique understanding of how the transition process functions, and I routinely assist families primarily in Connecticut and New York.

Services Are Available

If you have experience with the special education system in either Connecticut or New York, you understand that dealing with government agencies can be complicated and intimidating. I am attorney Gerry McMahon, and I can guide you through the individualized education program (IEP) process, which must assess your child’s vocational interests and strengths. When needed, I will direct you to professionals who can guide you in understanding the specific state and federal funding and resources for which your child may be eligible. In addition, I can help protect your child’s financial resources.

Students with disabilities are entitled to transition services at the age of 15, or potentially at an earlier stage of education depending on their disability. Consulting with an attorney who understands the nuances of the transition process can optimally prepare your child for success in adulthood.

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Your child’s transition to adulthood is an important moment. At The Law Offices Of Gerry McMahon, LLC, I offer a compassionate and caring approach to my clients. To arrange a free one-hour consultation, please send me an email or call 203-942-2430 today.