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An Attorney Who Understands Your Needs

As the parent or guardian of a special needs child, you will often face a difficult path. Your child’s education needs are unique to them and will require specialized attention and resources. Navigating the appropriate state and federal agencies, and courts can be complex. It is important to have an attorney who is experienced in education law and will zealously advocate on your behalf.

At The Law Offices Of Gerry McMahon, LLC, I draw upon more than 35 years of personal and professional experience to help my clients. My focus on special education law gives clients in Connecticut and New York the legal advice and support they need. You can read more about my background below:


Before founding my own firm, I worked as a litigator at a large professional law firm. This gives me the advantage of representing you with the level of professionalism and experience of a large law firm. I maintain that standard of quality in my own practice today. You reap the benefits of my experience without a large law firm bureaucracy or fee structure.

My Team

I am the sole owner and attorney of The Law Offices of Gerry McMahon, LLC. However, I do not work alone. I have an amazing team of paralegals and legal assistants with years of experience and an amazing work ethic and commitment to our clients and to me. Together we are able to conduct a detailed and comprehensive review of your child’s file at a reasonable rate. This is my way of providing you with top-notch legal support without piling up an insurmountable legal cost.

A Professional Approach With Personal Experience

I have a personal perspective on special education. At an early age, my daughter needed special education services. When her school did not give her the specialized education services and supports that she needed, I began the journey of advocating for her to ensure that she received an appropriate education as the law required. My daughter is an example of a special education success story. She is proof that with appropriate special education services and supports, a strong advocate and inner strength, a child with special needs can flourish as they move from childhood to the turbulent years of adolescence and ultimately into adulthood.

Dedicated To Helping Parents Get Results

Witnessing my public school’s shortcomings, I became a fierce litigator for families in similar situations. Today, I work closely with parents and caregivers to protect their children’s rights.

I also assist families as their children transition from school to adulthood. My goal is to make sure my clients are happy with their results. Most of my clients learn of me from other families and professionals.  Such referrals are a testament to the positive results I achieved for those families. I understand how stressful special education challenges can feel, and I’m here to help.

Tell Me Your Family’s Story

At The Law Offices Of Gerry McMahon, LLC, I am ready to partner with you and help with your child’s educational needs. To schedule an appointment, please call me today at 203-942-2430. I am also available through my website.