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I Provide An Array Of Special Education Services

Your child’s special education needs will depend greatly on their circumstances. It is pivotal to design an individual education plan (IEP) that suits their specific goals while also considering their eventual transition to adulthood.

At The Law Offices Of Gerry McMahon, LLC, I understand that every child’s special education experience is different. I provide a comprehensive offering of services to clients in Connecticut and New York. I am licensed and experienced in representing clients in administrative hearings and appeals, New York and Connecticut federal district court actions and appeals, and appeals to the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals..

Putting Your Child’s Needs First

As a parent, grandparent, foster parent or close relative, you want your child to receive the best education possible. If your child needs special education services, you may find yourself navigating complex state and federal agencies. I can help you with:

The purpose of the federal law is to support children with special needs and prepare them for further education, employment and independent living. I understand what it’s like to work within the special education system, having navigated it on behalf of my own daughter. I am proud of my accomplishments for families and their children with special needs.

Unique Big Firm Experience

I began my career at a large Midwest law firm, so my team and I provide a high level of professional service. It is rare to find a special education attorney who has litigation experience in a large professional law firm. I maintain a high standard of quality, at every stage of the special education process.

Call Me Today To Learn More

I am ready to help you and your child with your special education needs. Call my firm today at 203-942-2430 to arrange a free one-hour consultation to discuss your options. For your convenience, you may also send me an email.